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Elephant Fountain

Etymology and other names[ edit ] Ganesha, Madhya Pradesh, c. The Hindu title of respect Shri Sanskrit: Narain differentiates these terms by saying that pillai means a “child” while pillaiyar means a “noble child”. He adds that the words pallu, pella, and pell in the Dravidian family of languages signify “tooth or tusk”, also “elephant tooth or tusk”. Ganesha images were prevalent in many parts of India by the 6th century. This example features some of Ganesha’s common iconographic elements. A virtually identical statue has been dated between — by Paul Martin-Dubost, [42] and another similar statue is dated c. This statue has four arms, which is common in depictions of Ganesha. He holds his own broken tusk in his lower-right hand and holds a delicacy, which he samples with his trunk, in his lower-left hand. The motif of Ganesha turning his trunk sharply to his left to taste a sweet in his lower-left hand is a particularly archaic feature.

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The trunk proboscis The trunk, or proboscis, of the elephant is one of the most versatile organs to have evolved among mammals. This structure is unique to members of the order Proboscidea , which includes the extinct mastodon s and mammoth s. Anatomically, the trunk is a combination of the upper lip and nose; the nostrils are located at the tip. The trunk is large and powerful, weighing about kg pounds in an adult male and capable of lifting a load of about kg.

However, it is also extremely dexterous, mobile, and sensitive, which makes it appear almost independent of the rest of the animal. The proboscis comprises 16 muscles.

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Half-life part 2 Introduction This lesson follows on from lesson 3 so it might be worthwhile quickly revising that before you start. Radioactivity is measured in becquerels. The unit of radioactivity is named after Henri Becquerel, who discovered it. A given isotope always takes the same amount of time for the count rate to decrease by a half. For example, it might take 10 years for the count rate to drop from 80 Bq to 40 Bq; another 10 years to drop from 40 B to 20 Bq; another 10 years to drop from 20 Bq to 10 Bq and so on.

In this case the half-life is 10 years. Different samples of the same isotope all have the same half-life The half-life of a particular isotope is always the same. If we had a bigger sample of the same isotope then the count would be higher, say becquerels. Using half-life in simple calculations What would its radioactivity be after 30 years? Each half-life is 10 years.

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February 15, What is Digital Transformation? When we launched Agile Elephant in January we positioned ourselves as a Social Business consultancy. Within six months we had changed the messaging on our website so that the narrative was around Digital Transformation. Something happened in Suddenly everyone was using the term, from insurgent consultancies like us, to the marketing agencies that were active in social media marketing, to the big firms like PWC, Deloitte and Accenture.

6 ways to help elephants With the elephant poaching epidemic running rampant, experts fear for the future of these majestic mammals.

How to identify real elephant Ivory Saturday, February 07, By Kya deLongchamps Kya deLongchamps advises on how to identify real ivory, and when to avoid it like the plague. Despite its silken, tactile beauty, elephant ivory is one of those subjects that elicits an instant reaction from most people. A blink, a shudder, a twist of deep repellence — these feelings are well founded. Last year, and for the first time, a top London auction house, Chiswick, was prosecuted for the sale in genuine error of a piece of elephant tusk dating from the s.

Dating a piece, even after discriminating between elephant ivory and other forms of tusk, can be an uncertain business. This precious material makes any reputable antique dealer very uneasy. Measuring radioactive carbon inside the dentine and pulp that makes up tusk, can closely date an expensive, disputed piece. Prompted by these depressing figures, US president Barack Obama put aside even CITES certification and banned the importation and even the domestic trade of not just recent, but most antique elephant ivory not proven to be more than years old into, and within the US.

Unworked elephant ivory whole tusks and parts of elephant tusks , whatever its age cannot be bought or sold. The atmosphere growing against even legal ivory sales is clear. Bechstein, the world famous piano maker caused media uproar when they applied new, legal ivory keys and veneers to a replica of the original Bechstein created for Queen Victoria to celebrate its th anniversary in

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The elephant is pointing out that love exists. You can call it a neurochemical response that is like eating chocolate if you wish, but during your lifetime, you will certainly feel an intense connection with at least one girl that supersedes anything you have felt with other girls, and it will affect your judgement and behavior.

For too long, those in the game and red pill spheres have not only been love denialists but love shamers, training men through repetition to not develop emotional attachments with any woman.

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The expectant mother, May Tagu, was filmed lightly kicking the amniotic sac hanging out of her birth canal. After a day in labour, or two in some cases, the sac drops out, breaking and releasing the calf and a lot of fluid. The birth was filmed by the zoo which showed the elephants surrounding the mother and calf in the stall. As soon as the baby was born, the mother, and those assisting her, scraped dirt and grass over damp spots so the smell won’t attract predators.

The baby elephant clings to its mother May Tagu who may have carried the calf for up to days, which is the average gestation period of an elephant When the baby elephant is finally born, it can weigh around lbs 91 kg and stand about 3 feet 1 m tall Caretaker Ben Van Dyck said: We noticed it from the quality of May’s stools. So they decided to put a team on the night watch’. This is fantastic news for the team in charge of taking care of the elephant, certainly the best Christmas present for Planckendael Zoo.

Unlike other newborns, the baby elephant wakes up, savvy enough to try and stand up by itself, and take shelter under an adult elephant. Elephant pregnancies last the longest, totaling up to 23 months, which is roughly around 95 weeks.

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Getting back to basics In December the TfL Board, looking ahead, asked for an update on the value for money derived from the bus contracts process and how rising demand can be accommodated within a constrained funding scenario from the Finance and Policy Committee. It was a weighty question, and one that took time to answer. Answer it they did, however, and in November they provided their reply. For those unfamiliar with the way the network is planned and contracted, the paper represents a good place to start.

Nov 04,  · Natural elephant mating,the most complete version at Patara Elephant Farm, Thailand.

Goa Gajah dates back to the 11th century, built as a spiritual place for meditation. The main grounds are down a flight of steps from the roadside and parking area, which is lined with various art and souvenir shops and refreshment kiosks. The pool, excavated in , features five out of supposedly seven statues depicting Hindu angels holding vases that act as waterspouts.

Various structures reveal Hindu influences dating back to the 10th century, and some relics feature elements of Buddhism dating even earlier to the 8th century. The cave is shallow; inside are three stone idols each wrapped in red, yellow and black cloths. Several indentations show where meditating priests once sat.

At the southern end are beautiful rice fields and small streams that lead to the Petanu River — another natural site entwined in local legends.

Trump Administration Quietly Decides — Again — To Allow Elephant Trophy Imports

Published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the study found that poaching still poses a severe threat to elephants, whose numbers continue to decline. While ivory bans in the US and Europe and a widespread push to protect endangered species have helped to curtail its distribution there, ivory remains popular and profitable in Southeast Asia, which has seen an economic boost that has ushered in a competitive market. When the US and Russia engaged in a barrage of nuclear testing during the s and s, they almost doubled the amount of carbon globally.

As that rate has declined in the years since, scientists can map the rate and compare what they find in the ivory to pinpoint when it stopped growing.

Jun 21,  · The elephant did that several times then trumpeted loudly, all the while staring at the man. Remembering the encounter in , Dan couldn’t help wondering if this was the same elephant. Dan summoned up his courage, climbed over the railing and made his way into the enclosure.

No matter the age difference mine is almost 9 years! Sometimes I find myself figuring out ways to revert to old behaviors and try to squash his enthusiasm. Here are the rules. Be your older, wiser, intelligent, creative self. A younger man gets inspiration from your evolution into being an older woman. They adore your mind, your ability to make strong decisions, a well-kept body and even a few gray hairs. Just be who you are.

Have your own opinions and share conversation based on opposing ideas. It brings a continual spark to the whole relationship and gives each of you something to always think about. Keep exercising and eating well. This is a no-brainer, as a younger man wants his older woman to keep up with him, in both word and deed. The endorphins need to keep flowing for this partnership to last, and daily exercise and a healthy diet will keep the heart and body on fire.

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Bob Graham, Mount Pleasant, S. By all accounts, the wildest places in the Wild West were the saloons, and Texas had some of the wildest of the wild. A true Western saloon, such as the White Elephant, was a different critter from any of its nearest kin — the dance house, parlor house or variety theater — even though they were often to be found right next door to each other.

The saloon was first and foremost a men-only establishment where drinking and gambling were the main attractions, not retail sex. By contrast, the dance house mixed the sexes, dispensing with any pretense of conventional decorum. Many concerned citizens considered the dance houses the greatest curse to befall their Western towns.

Nov 07,  · Elephant poaching is alive and well. Scientists examining seized shipments of ivory from Africa have found that 90% came from elephants that died within the last three years.

Peter Swoop, Newcastle Herald ABC broadcaster Craig Hamilton has been a mental health crusader since when he suffered a manic episode at Broadmeadow train station en route to cover the Sydney Olympics. When he’s not calling rugby league, he is often crossing the country talking about mental health. When I phoned him on Monday, he was on his way to Central Queensland on a speaking tour with retired star Preston Campbell.

And then it’s suddenly taken away — the money, the physicality, the perfectionism — and the void can’t be filled. Years ago, former coach Warren Ryan was in conversation with Broncos prop Shane Webcke, who admitted to struggling when he retired from playing. He left the pool as an Olympic hero, and straight into a suit and tie and a high-ranking job at Westpac. He had a gig at Channel Nine and speaking engagements coming from all corners. But none of that replaced the structure and discipline that came with eyeballing the black line at the bottom of the pool every morning.

Having turned his life around in the space of the year, Pearce feels it’s necessary to give a little back. It’s a war that’s never going to be won, but Hamilton argues the best way to fight it is by talking about it. I am really struggling. And they haven’t told no one. These were my symptoms. I had total social isolation.

Elephant poachers are hard at work in Africa, and carbon dating proves it

I am sick of remaining silent for fear of giving scandal to the laity, when it is with them, that it now seems, is our main hope of deliverance. All I knew was that he was, and always has been my best friend, not least because we were complimentary to each other, but most of all because he would never let me down. By the time I could, he had a degree in English from Cambridge and became a lecturer for the rest of his life.

He hated sports of all kinds and I was good at almost all of them. When I was in dire straits and in danger of being left homeless it was Vincent who offered me a home. At his funeral, I cried for the first time in living memory.

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Elephant in the Room: He is five years older than me but we both make sure to look out for each other and I often feel very protective of him. He had a rough time in his 20s figuring out what he wanted to do with his life but now he has a degree, is starting a great career and has found a sense of confidence in himself that makes all of us really proud of him. As excited as I am for this new chapter of his life, I am also worried because he has been dating a woman for a while that no one in my family can deal with.

None of us want to put him in a situation where he has to choose between his girlfriend and his family but it is increasingly difficult to be around them without letting her drama affect our lives as well. How does the rest of my family and I continue to have a relationship with my brother while keeping peace with his girlfriend?

They are the person in the most difficult position and the only way to come up with an amiable solution is to find the one that best fits their needs. If your brother feels that she encourages him to be a better version of himself then it could explain why he wants to stay with her despite the negative things your family has noticed.

My first suggestion is to try and have an honest, all-out discussion with your family, your brother and his girlfriend to see if there is a way to find some middle ground. Sometimes things you have conceived as devious or malicious can be a misunderstanding and having an open conversation can help clear up those feelings. If that is not an option though, move on to stage two. The best strategy when trying to handle family disputes is to establish boundaries. If being around her causes you to lose your temper or get aggravated then I suggest start with your home.

So if your brother comes to visit without her that is not a time for you to try and bad-mouth her and convince him to leave her.

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So what do we do when a toxic family member or members is literally ruining our lives? How do we deal with the feeling of obligation, guilt, confusion and heartache? Not every family is built on the premise of interconnectedness , support and stability. Sometimes family simply means that you share a bloodline. Some families build you up and some suck your energy dry. There may come a crucial time when you have to separate yourself from your family in order to do what is best for you and possibly for them.

Elephant isn’t just a big web site. We’re community-driven. We’re dedicated to sharing “the mindful life” beyond the core or choir, to all those who don’t yet know they give a care.

Elephant calf in Udawalawe National Park Elephants bathing In general, Asian elephants are smaller than African elephants and have the highest body point on the head. The tip of their trunk has one finger-like process. Their back is convex or level. Females are usually smaller than males, and have short or no tusks. Their skin color is darker than of indicus and of sumatranus with larger and more distinct patches of depigmentation on ears, face, trunk and belly.

The smaller size could possibly be the end result of a long-continued process of removing the physically best specimens from the potential breeding-stock through hunting or domestication see insular dwarfism. A small remnant population exists in the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary. They are absent from the wet zone of the country.

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